HoT members participate in competitions as directed by the schedule of events below. The team’s participation is not limited to ONLY the events in this list. Participation in other events will depend on level of interest by team members. Should any member find a competition of interest they can contact the team captain or executive officer so that he or she may gauge membership interest and build a team for specific events as needed


Date Event Style Points Scored Placement
Postponed Ghost in the Shellcode Jeopardy --- ---
16-17 Jan 2016 Insomni'hack teaser 2016 Jeopardy 250 120/245
24-26 Jan 2016 Break In Jeopardy --- ---
4-6 Mar 2016 Boston Key Party Jeopardy --- ---
Mar 2016 Codegate CTF Preliminary Jeopardy --- ---
12-14 Mar 2016 BCTF Jeopardy --- ---
25-27 Mar 2016 Pwn2Win CTF Jeopardy --- ---
Mar/Apr 2016 Joint Cyber Competition Jeopardy --- ---
15-17 Apr 2016 PlaidCTF Jeopardy --- ---
20-24 Apr 2016 BlazeCTF Jeopardy --- ---
Apr 2016 UCSB iCTF Attack-Defend --- ---
May 2016 ASIS CTF Quals Jeopardy --- ---
May 2016 DEF CON CTF Quals Jeopardy --- ---
Aug 2016 DEFCON OpenCTF Jeopardy --- ---
Sep 2016 CSAW Qualifier 2016 Jeopardy --- ---


Participation is voluntary and no attempts will be made to force team members to compete, practice, or train. Opportunities will be available for members to share their experience and knowledge through a collaborative means such as Google Hangouts or central repositories such as Github. Outside of collaborative opportunities team members will conduct self-improvement in order to enhance the overall capabilities of the team.


Practice sessions are not listed and will be distributed via the team’s Google forum. In general all team practices will be the last Saturday of each month. Practices may also increase as we near events in order to divide skill sets, assign team leaders, assign responsibilities, and orient ourselves against past challenges.