Create a Write-up

This page is designed to help members post write-ups using the Jekyll formatting mark-up. First things first. If you want to get started without going through the rest of this guide. Here is the quickstart helper:

Clone the repo and get Jekyll:
git clone
gem install jekyll

Then, to create your first post type in:
rake post title="Name of Solution Write-up"

Next, find and edit your writeup:
cd _posts

Last, make sure it is in the appropriate directory if possible and then use the following commands:
git status
git add .
git commit -m "Add new content"
git push

After you have the repo cloned you will be able to navigate to the “_posts” directory where you can add individual write-ups and then push them to the github site. Try to maintain our current cleanliness and formatting/directory structure.

Check out this to learn how to use github or if you’ve used github before you can learn how to fork if you are unsure how to use a git repository.

Filename Template

Blog pages that are used to create write-ups must be created in the “_posts” directory and must follow a specific format for the file name. Where YEAR is a four-digit number, MONTH and DAY are both two-digit numbers, and MARKUP is the file extension representing the format used in the file.


For example, the following are examples of valid post filenames:

Content Formatting

The write-up blog must contain a header based on YAML Front Matter. In general each header should start out looking like the following:

layout: post
title:  "Blogging Like a Hacker!!!"
author: HackerBob
date:   2015-09-27 21:56
categories: CSAW crypto Python C Perl
*Note 1: There is no need to create a title Jekyll handles that for you

Image (if neccessary)

Intro Paragraph

break comment *Note 2: this has to be formatted specifically, see below

Image (if neccessary)

Paragraph 1

Paragraph 2


Following the header, content formatting can be found here and . If you want to link to a specific image or file then you must upload it to the “_assets” directory. Additionally, if you are adding code blocks then there is also an option to enable syntax highlighting to make the code more readable.

[My helpful screenshot](
{% highlight perl linenos %} code here {% endhighlight %}

You can manually add footnotes with the following annotation [^1].
[^1]: Later you use this annotation to link the number and the actual footnote together.

When writing the solution begin with the location of where the challenge can be found if it’s an online challenge or soft links to where you uploaded them on this github site. After you’ve written this introduction paragraph make sure you add the <!--break--> comment so the jekyll parsing engine can create a preview off your writeup.

Next, describe the steps you took to solve the challenge. This should include links where someone without your expertise can be able to find more if they want to research more. The general rule of thumb is that the reader should have knowledge of at least one high level programming language, a general concept of networking, and a general understanding of crypto.

Always stop to think after you are done writing - Will someone else be able to replicate what I saw when I solved this challenge?

We want to help someone understand not only the solution, but the what, how, and why you came to the solution you found. This will help develop the entire team.

Post It!

After you are done creating the initial filename following our formatting template and creating the content inside your write-up file, push your update to the github repo. The only files that you need to commit should be the _posts folder. After you have committed your updates Jekyll will handle the rest!

***Commit directly to the repo if this is a solution write-up
git status #check and see what files you need to add
git add "list of files you are adding to the repo"
git commit -m "leave us all a message of what you did"
git push

***Commit your forked repo changes if you are making changes to the website look and feel
Check out how to create a pull request @